Sama Penaia

Clare photoSama Penaia was born in Tuvalu on the 23rd June 1990. She migrated to Auckland, New Zealand at the age of five.

Sama is currently studying a double major in international business and marketing and tourism at the University of South Pacific. Here she completed a compulsory unit U204- Pacific Worlds, where she got the chance to re-discover her passion for art.

One of the main inspirations for her artwork is the effect of climate change in Tuvalu. Tuvalu is made up of eight islands; the capital is one thin strip of flat land. The rise in sea levels and water coming up from the ground is damaging Tuvaluan agriculture and fishing.

Sama’s goal is to raise awareness, using artistic expression, to show the effects of climate change in the islands. She wants to be able to prevent this destruction, so she can bring future generations to experience her homeland.

Sama has three central art styles: painting, sketches and mixed media artworks. Her sketches are generally motivated by her dreams. Climate change is the main inspiration for her paintings and mixed media works. Sama’s mixed media artworks are made up of painting with different textures. Including natural and non-natural materials. Her paintings are usually done using acrylic paints.

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